Common Reasons People Choose Abortion

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Each year in the United States more than one million women choose to have an abortion procedure. The decision to have an abortion is never one that is black and white. It is very complicated and the choice is based on different factors for each individual who is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. From dealing with teen pregnancy to coping with uncertain medical situations there are many reasons why a women may choose abortion.

Failed Contraception

More than half of all the women who have an abortion are pregnant because of failed contraception. When failed contraception leads to an unplanned pregnancy it is not surprising that a woman would consider an abortion. After all, she was taking preventative measures to not become pregnant. Women in this situation may not be financially, emotionally or physically capable of supporting a child.

Teen Pregnancy

When it comes to teen pregnancy about 30% of teens who become pregnant choose to have an abortion. Most teens are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or a situation or failed contraception. For this reason and many more, they are typically not prepared to become a parent.

Statistically teen pregnancy leads to a teen mother dropping out of school and losing the opportunity to continue her education. This can lead to a lifetime of financial problems and poverty. What's more is that many teens worry about social stigma and the consequences of carrying their pregnancy to term. In addition to this, many teens are not properly informed regarding the ins and outs of alternative options like adoption.

Medical Reasons

Unfortunately some women who are not in a situation of an unplanned pregnancy are still faced with the prospect of abortion. This occurs when routine testing reveals the possibility of birth defects or severe medical problems. In this situation an abortion procedure may be necessary to protect the safety and well-being of the the women who is pregnant. This can be difficult for people who were happy to conceive to cope with, but in some situations abortion is medically necessary.

Rape, Incest and Other Crimes

Many women who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy as a result of being raped choose to terminate their pregnancy. Not only would it be emotionally and psychologically difficult to carry a pregnancy of this nature to term, but many women also worry about the children who result from this situation. They may worry if they choose adoption the child may seek them out one day for answers and reopen old wounds. In addition to this, they worry about having to explain their circumstances to people during their pregnancy. It is a very complex situation.

Certain family or relationship situations may also lead a woman to choose an abortion. For instance, women who are victims of incest may choose an abortion. In situations of incest most states will override parental consent laws. Another situation that is relationship related that may lead a women to choose an abortion would be domestic violence. A woman who is fleeing violence may not feel she has a safe and stable enough environment to raise a child. Plus, she may not want a permanent connection to her attacker.

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